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Introducing .NET MAUI UI July

Back in 2019, Steven Thewissen gave us the awesome Xamarin UI July. Steven described it as an advent calendar, where each day throughout the month you would have a new insightful Xamarin UI blog post to open.

Let’s do it again this year, but this time for .NET MAUI! Every day throughout July, a community-contributed blog post or video will be published showing some incredible UI magic in .NET MAUI.

This time around, we’ll extend the scope to include videos as well as blog posts. The videos and blog posts will be in English, and each one will be about a specific topic related to UI in .NET MAUI. It can be showing off a beautiful UI or control that someone has crafted, or it can be teaching how to use some aspect of building a UI in .NET MAUI.

What should I do?

Completely up to you! As long as it’s related to .NET MAUI UI, feel free to be as creative as you like. Some common topics people like for this kind of thing include:

  • Replicate the UI of a well known app (that’s what I’m doing)
  • Pick a fun or interesting design from Dribble and show how you can build it with .NET MAUI
  • Deep dive into a .NET MAUI UI feature
  • Build a popular UI control that doesn’t come in the box (like a bottom sheet for example)

These are just examples. If you think something is interesting, there’s a good chance the rest of the community will want to see you explain it.

How to Get Involved

If you want to participate, shout out on Twitter using the hashtags #dotnetmaui and #MAUIUIJuly, saying which day of the month you want to release your post or video on. Once you’ve picked a date I’ll add your name to the list below to reserve your spot.

From there, just get started on your content! Keep the following in mind:

  1. The topic must be related to UI in .NET MAUI
  2. Your blog post or video must be in English
  3. Your content should indicate what level it is pitched at (e.g., beginner or advanced)
  4. Link back to this post in your blog post or in the description of your video
  5. Publish your blog post or video on the date according to the list below
  6. Post a link to your video or blog post on Twitter, using the hashtags #dotnetmaui and #MAUIUIJuly

That’s it! Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. :)

.NET MAUI UI July Schedule

1Matt Goldman.NET MAUI UI July: Outlook Clone (goforgoldman.com)
2Gerald VersluisSnnpts
3Naweed AkramBuilding a Rating Control for .NET MAUI
4Andreas NesheimF1TV app in .NET MAUI
5Vladislav AntonyukReplicate a bank application UI using .NET MAUI
6Leomaris ReyesReplicating Pet Adoption UI in .NET MAUI
7Luis BeltranCreating a TreeView in .NET MAUI
9Naweed AkramMAUI Planets Part 1
12Csaba HuszárBinding Lottie in MAUI
13Flavio GonclavesCombining Lottie Animations with Gestures and Scrolling
14S Ravi KumarComing soon!
15Naweed AkramMAUI Planets Part 2
16Sam BasuCatering to Desktop and Mobile with .NET MAUI
17Tylah KapaDiscord UI in .NET MAUI
18Michael RidlandComing soon!
19Matt Johnson-PintMaking a Time Zone Picker Control for .NET MAUI
20Mark AlliboneCreating a countdown button for .NET MAUI
21Shaun LawrenceBuilding a Draw Something clone in .NET MAUI
22Kym PhillpottsComing soon!
23Lachlan GordonComing soon!
24Brady StroudMAUI vs Flutter
25Sebastian JensenCreate a Simple Rating Control
26Naweed AkramBottom Sheet Control in .NET MAUI
27Jean-Marie AlfonsiMetroLog.Maui
28Diego RiveroUsing MAUI.Graphics to build charts
29Brady StroudMAUI Blazor Template
30Liam Elliott.NET MAUI Community Toolkit
31Carl SargunarComing soon!

I hope you enjoy .NET MAUI UI July!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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